Monday, July 2, 2007

Wraps, slings, carriers???

Ok, so last time we went to Guatemala, Greg and I purchased a sling for me thinking it would work *perfectly*. We didn't factor in that I am 5'0. So when I tried the thing on in the hotel room, it reached below my pelvic area. Not ideal when carrying a two week old infant. So then I was introduced to the Maya Wrap. I am going tomorrow to meet with a rep in our area that sells these. I am most likely getting the Mama Baby sling in navy blue. We will still rent a stroller, but I like the idea of having Gabriel close to my chest. This will work perfectly especially since they have various sizes, especially for petite ladies like me!

Here's their link:

Here's the one I'm might be getting:

Someone just recommended Hot Slings to me. I am also going to check these out and see which I like better. I am leaning towards the Hot Slings now! Ohhh decisions!!

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mesa said...

great! let us know what one you decide on and how Gabriel likes it!