Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Picture Day!

Well today was fall picture day at daycare so we had to schnazz him up for his special day! I think we succeeded! From what we were told, Gabriel was a total ham for the photographer and they even heard a lot of belly laughs! Apparently he was the best behaved child during pictures today!!


Monday was definitely cooler than most mornings here in Jax. So we wanted to make sure G wouldn't get cold. Look at that smile!!

Church day

Gabriel had on his Sunday best for church which was simply the most adorable outfit. Thankfully when he got too vocal, I gave him my keys to keep him quiet -- for maybe five minutes! The back of that blue vest has the most adorable Kenneth Cole crest. I hope he doesn't outgrow it too soon!!

 everything bagel!

After pumpkin patching, we got hungry and went to Panera where Gabriel proceeded to talk my other half of my everything bagel -- the better half too, which would be the side with all the seeds and salt. He wouldn't give it back and held onto it for dear life, even to the car in the rain, out of the car and into Books - A - Million! Now I now what to give him to keep him quiet!!

More Punkin Patch Pics

Punkin Patch!

This past Saturday we took Gabriel to the Punkin Patch in Mandarin and had a blast! They had these red wagons that you could borrow to pull around to put your pumpkins in and Gabriel loved being pulled up and down the rows.

Going to the Park

We took Gabriel to the park after work last week. He always enjoys going -- don't let the first picture think he didn't want to go. He just gets crabby from time to time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Before Daycare Photo

Before Daycare

These pictures were taken right before daycare on Wednesday. I love his little red socks with those cute shoes I got for him!

Publix with the Grandparents

My parents were in town last week and this was Gabriel's first ride in the big carts! He absolutely adored it! The only downside is that navigating that cart through the aisles can be quite interesting!