Friday, February 27, 2009

A Mother's Love Thirty Years Apart

I had been meaning to add these two pictures to the blog for awhile now.

In the first picture, that is my mother holding me. As I had previously said in my earlier post today, I only have one mother and that is her above. I am a couple months old, if that, in this picture. The picture below that, is me holding Gabriel in Guatemala on our first visit down there in May 2007. He was two weeks old at the time. When we tell people that Gabriel is adopted, they usually respond with "Oh but he looks just like you!" Yeah, I know. It's funny, isn't it? I've also been told that I am just like my mom which is oh so true even though she's blonde and I'm a brunette.

For those that might be wonder why I said I have only one mother, that is my personal opinion and to each their own. My birthmother gave me life and I am grateful for that, but my mama (and dad) raised me. There is a big difference in my eyes.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

As if it wasn't evident enough that Greg and I are huge Bruce fans, we are already training Gabriel for when he joins the E Street Band. Granted, the current members will be in their 70s, but that's just a technicality, right? I also heard that they are ok with potential band members bringing their Leap Frog guitars for their auditions, so it sounds like we are all set. Now we just wait for them to call on Gabriel. :-)

A Friend

Well, I have a friend who recently adopted her first daughter and baby Charlotte is absolutely a precious gift to them and all around her. She and her husband know what it is like to be at their lowest low like Greg and I, and all those who have walked before us who have suffered loss after loss, only to walk away victorious. Greg once described my miscarriages as tasting the dirt beneath your feet as you plead to God wondering why us, again. That image has never left me.

Aside from our own adoption and two other friends (adoption and pregnancy), I have never prayed for another person like I prayed for my friend. I watched her go through hell to become a mother and two weeks ago after so many years of trying, it finally happened for them. They finally arrived at home last night and I am beyond elated for them to all be under one roof where they belong. It's funny how not only becoming a mother, but adopting a child can bring you so close to other adoptive mothers. Some of my closest friends are adoptive moms -- we share a bond that not every one has. This particular friend of mine, I have never met face to face but I would do anything for her.

I was once told that I was fortunate to be adopted because my birthmother loved me enough to want a better life for me and gave me up for adoption (or created an adoption plan as that is the PC way to phrase it nowadays) and my adoptive mom (which to me is my only mom) desired a child so much she (and my father) saved up for 14 years to adopt me. It was then that I realized how fortunate I was to have been adopted and one day I will share all my history and Gabriel's with him -- who better to share that with him than his own mother who experienced it all before him.

What is even more special to me is that my mom and I share that bond, not only as mother and daughter, but as two adoptive mothers. Funny how that turned out. Once again, God having His hand in things way before you ever knew how your life would turn out.

Short Update

Well, when I last posted, I had recently been laid off and Gabriel's ears weren't doing so well. We actually received the news of his potential permanent hearing loss and my job loss all in the same week! Since then, I am employed and Gabriel's ears have improved drastically. We went in for his appointment on 2/12 and the doctor was very happy to report that his hearing had improved.

The job is going alright. With all new jobs, there is always a learning curve but not one that I won't catch on to. It's a bit far from my house (40 minute commute vs a 15 minute one I used to have), but with the economy, I am not complaining. A job is a job and it will help pay our bills and I am truly thankful to have a job.

We were both overjoyed with these news and indeed know that God is good -- all the time.

Adventure man!

It is no secret that Greg is a huge lover of the outdoors whether it involves hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, being one with nature, etc. I couldn't be more different. My idea of adventure is none. I do not like adventure at all. Not only do I like to be in complete control of my situations, I don't like anything that will in essence throw me a curve ball. The idea of being out in the middle of nowhere freaks me out whereas Greg seeks that and actually finds it fun! Relaxation for me is to go away to a bed and breakfast, have massages and facials done at a spa and then wine and cheese watching a sunset from the balcony of our hotel. Funny how two people so different came together, right?

Well, Gabriel, I think is going to be more like Greg. He craves adventure and loves to play rough with Greg and that is all part of having a boy. We have some friends that gave Gabriel a backpack with his own sleeping bag, canteen, compass, flashlight, etc so that he can be just like his daddy. Soon enough Gabriel will be caught up on all Man vs Wild and Survivorman episodes on Discovery of which his father has seen ALL of them. Recently Gabriel allowed us to put this backpack on him and he weighs enough where the pack doesn't bring him down! So here's a picture of our little adventurous Guatemalan. :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I realize I have not blogged in a couple days and I apologize for that. My world has been turned upside down a bit by my recent lay off. So I am quickly trying to find a job which is incredibly time consuming, as you can well imagine. I am trying not to stress out about it, but that's not very easy with the given economy.

Gabriel goes back for his doctor's appointment tomorrow to check on his hearing once again. We are praying that they find he is hearing a bit better this time now that the infection has cleared out.

My parents will be in town this week/end, so I will upload some new pictures of lil' G who is growing up all too fast on us!

That's all for now....