Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I miss you terribly

This evening has been rough. My heart hurts so much without you, Gabriel. All this will be a blur to you, thankfully, but your dad and I miss you so much. Not a day goes by where I don't think of you. You are my first and last thought every morning and night. I wish time would just move faster so we could bring you home right now. Unfortunately, it does not work that way and we have to be patient. There are days like today, where I just tire of being patient. Yes, I'm selfish. I want you home right now.
I have friends who complain about missing sleep because they have to wake up with their babies late at night to feed them - I would trade with them in a second if it meant I could have you here at home with us, where you belong.

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Nicole said...

Hugs girl. I can't even imagine the feelings of "having" the baby but not really having him yet. You are in my prayers every day & I just hope God gets Gabriel to you soon! xoxo