Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He might have swallowed what??

Yes, we feared Monday night that Gabriel *might* have swallowed the antenna to Greg's cell phone. So we called the doctor and off we went to the ER. Scary, scary place. Thankfully, five hours and one x-ray later, it was determined he had not swallowed the antenna. So we are thinking maybe one of the dogs did. Here are two pics I took with my cell phone while at the ER - one is in the waiting room and the other is Gabriel just hamming it up on the stretcher. That child doesn't look like he swallowed a cell phone antenna, heh?

St. Patrick's Day Outfit

I know, two days late, but these were too cute not to share.

Birthday Weekend

Greg took me away to a beautiful B&B in St. Augustine Beach and of course we brought Gabriel with us!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gabriel all dirty...

Well today Gabriel managed to knock my Coke all over himself and when I wasn't looking grabbed his jar of food and spilled it on himself, his tray table, pants, shirt, mouth, fingers, etc.

My Amazing Birthday Gift

Today for those that don't know was my 30th birthday. My awesome husband had his friend paint this beautiful portrait of Gabriel and I. I absolutely love it! What a perfect gift!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More pix from today

Here are some more - I couldn't just pick five for the previous post and not add these.

10 Month - a - Birthday!

Today, Gabriel turned 10 months old! Hard to really believe! Here are some pictures of him taken throughout the day. My sweet little boy.

It's Now Really Official!

Yesterday, Gabriel was recognized by the courts of FL as our son. He is officially Gabriel Alejandro and there is no turning back. What a journey we have been on and it's only really beginning now.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Human Shredder

Most of you know that I work from home now and have to shred all documents once a file has been closed. I laid out my files on the floor to put them through my shredder. Little did I know, I had a human one to do it for me.

Mmmmmmmm Post its......