Tuesday, July 3, 2007

To do list...

So you might ask what we need to bring with us for our trip next week. Here is my list...

To Buy:

  1. colic drops
  2. fold out changing pad sheets
  3. baby cologne for after bath
  4. wipes
  5. bottles
  6. 2-3 pacifiers (Pooh Bear kind)
  7. baby wipe warmer (Gabriel doesn't like cold wipes)
  8. towels to wipe his face while eating
  9. bath bear sponse insert for bath time

To Pack:

  1. Passports
  2. Reservation print outs for flights/hotel
  3. medicines (tylenol, pepto-bismol, immodium, gas-x, midol, etc.)
  4. snacks (rice cakes, peanuts, bars, WW pretzels, etc.)
  5. DVD player
  6. camcorder
  7. digital camera and extra SIM card
  8. ipod travel speakers
  9. front carrier for Greg
  10. boppy
  11. his blanket
  12. new baby clothes
  13. extra set of contacts
  14. eye glasses
  15. *zippies from other FTC families

*Zippies are one gallon zip lock bags that other adoptive mothers from my agency pre-pack and send with travelers going to Guatemala so that we can give them to the foster mother manager for their baby. The foster mother manager makes sure that the corresponding foster mother receives the zip lock bag. Normally mothers send down additional clothes, disposable cameras, pacifiers, etc. The disposable cameras are then returned later on by the foster mothers. They are able to take pictures of the babies and then return them to the adoptive mothers. It is definitely nice to receive those back with captured moments on there that as an adoptive mother you can cherish those moments greatly. Sending stuff to Guatemala is very expensive and takes a long time. It's much easier to send it down with someone who is going.

Sound like a lot? Nah, we took much more down with us back in May. Three army duffel bags and one suitcase! This is nothing.


pattyo said...

I'm so excited for you - it's coming up so soon!!! xoxo

Kathy said...

Maria...have a safe trip...Thinking of you...
Kathy - KTRmeadow