Sunday, August 24, 2008


So we heard that by Sunday, the rain would be long gone and headed towards Tallahassee and Alabama. Well somehow we managed to get hit with more rain, thunder and lightning. Check out my yard. This all accumulated in less than thirty minutes!


Some colors look really good on people with olive skin. Orange is one of those colors for Gabriel. I just love this Polo shirt. He pimps the preppy look all too well.

Some Fay

As some of you know, we got hit with Tropical Storm Fay this past week and it has been raining ever since. Here are two pictures of our backyard during the storm and Tino's reluctance to go out and do his business.

"Fat Pants"

In our house, we have what we call fat pants. These are comfy pants we wear when we either don't feel well or we simply want to veg out and relax. This is one of Gabriel's fat pant outfits. In this sequence he was recovering from his recent ear infection and bout with stomach issues due to his antibiotics.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Extreme Measures???

Let's see....Gabriel has a walker, a pack-n-play, a crib in a beautiful nursery, a "baby jail" and dozens of toys. What happens when he doesn't want to hang out in any of them or play with his baby toys??? Well, you resort to extreme measures and sit him next to you on your desk to play with YOUR toys. And apparently Gabriel is also a fan of QVC! Hahahahahahaha!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Right Before Daycare Pics...

So every morning before Greg drops Gabriel off at daycare, I take pictures of him. Here are pics from the last two days...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Verdict is in...

What Gabriel has is an ear infection! Poor little guy. So he is now on anti-biotics and taking it easy. But that doesn't mean he won't ride around in his favorite walker. :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle

I just wanted to update and let you guys know that Gabriel has been under the weather with a cold he most likely caught at DC and has had a fever off and on. It seems to have cleared up for the most part. But that is why I haven't posted in the last couple days.I'll get some cute pics of my big boy this week to share! We are doing to the doctor on Friday for his 15 month shots. I'm sure that will go really well. :-)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Second Day at Daycare

Well, today was Gabriel's 2nd day at daycare and it went very well. He is quickly adjusting to his time there and really likes his caregivers. Above are two pictures right before Daddy dropped him off this morning and two shortly after we picked him up. A 1/2 day of play really wipes a little guy out!

****Name THAT Dog!**** - UPDATED

8/11/08 - Name has been chosen: Dog will continue with the name, Branson. I suggested Phoenix, but apparently that didn't cut it. Branson, it is.
My in-laws recently adopted a gorgeous 2 year old, Labrador and are in search of a name. He is currently named Branson right now as he was rescued from the floods in Branson, Missouri and rescue workers named him that. But they are not going to keep that name. Names not to suggest because they have already been held by previous dogs: Doc, Dakota, Thor, Freckles, Pups, Shannon (male dog), Riley, Duke, Tino, Rocky, Zeke, Lucky, Fluffy, Lexie, Alfie, Tillie, Taz and Reeces. Anything else is fair game, as long as it's a male name. :-)

Please post your suggestions in the comments by this Saturday at which point a decision will be made. I will post the final name.

Thank you!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 15 Month - a - Birthday!

Where has the time gone? Today, Gabriel turned 15 months old which means that tomorrow will be 8 months since we have been home with him!! Yesterday was his first day of daycare. It was supposed to be a trial, but Monday turned out to be his first day and it went SO well! It made me so sad to see him sitting there with all his new buddies, looking like such a big boy. It hit me suddenly and I disolved into a puddle of mama tears. I just couldn't help it. My little baby is no longer a baby anymore.

Tomorrow is day #2. Let's hope I do better. :-)