Friday, July 6, 2007

"A watched pot never boils..."

I have been checking my email so many times in the last week that I think Yahoo might start charging me for my account. I am waiting on Gabriel's doctor report from Dr. M to find out if he has gained any weight from his last appt in June. It should arrive anytime soon. I shall continue to stalk my email until it comes...that and waiting on our exit from FC - family court and PA - preapproval from the American Embassy.

Here's the exact email we received from our case manager on 6/26/07:

I just received an update and wanted to just let you know where we are. We are waiting on two things.

1. Exiting family court - normally happens 3-6 weeks after the last interview not counting holidays.

2. Preapproval - normally comes 9-10 weeks after DNA collection. The last preapproval we received was for a case that had DNA collected on April 10. It came on June 18.

After you are out of family court and we have your preapproval, then your file can be prepared for PGN.

Regarding #1, our last interview was completed on 6/4. So we begin the countdown from that week. Regarding #2, DNA collection was also on 6/4. So for exiting FC we are looking at sometime in July. For getting PA, we are looking at the beginning of August.

We are finishing up Week 5. Week 6 begins on Monday.

So we continue to pray and wait. It is all we can do.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for walking all of us thru these steps! I love knowing what exactly is going on, but it is hard to keep up. I'm praying that these two things happen quickly.