Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When will Gabriel be home?

**Disclaimer** I felt the need to add this as an after thought. We don't mind when people close to us ask us this. We mind when it is someone who doesn't know us well at all asks. There's a very big difference. Of course we want to share our adoption news with people, but we have a limited list of people we keep updated. I'm sure you understand. If you're reading this blog, you're on the list of people closest to us.

For those who faithfully read my blog, you all know not to ask an adopting parent this question. There are certain questions you just don't ask, but not everyone seems to understand that unfortunately and the deeper you get into the adoption, the more it bothers you. You don't ask someone how much they make, how much they paid for their house, if they plan on having children, etc. This is along the lines of one of *those* questions.

The further into the adoption we get, the more this question really annoys me, personally. I know people "mean well", but by asking this after being told not to keep asking, it gets very, very old.

Only God knows when Gabriel will be home.

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