Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What is PGN??

For those wondering what PGN is, here is an explanation from the Department of State:

Prospective adoptive parents must receive receipt of “pre-approval” from the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS/USCIS) office in Guatemala before their attorney can submit their dossier to the Guatemalan authorities. After obtaining clearance from a social worker under the supervision of a family court to proceed with a potential adoption case, the attorney submits the case to the Guatemalan Solicitor General’s Office (Procuradoría General de la Nación, PGN) for review.

The PGN reviews the adoption case for signs of fraud or irregularities before providing its approval for the adoption to proceed. Once the PGN approves the case, the Guatemalan attorney (the notary) authorizes the adoption deed and registers it at the Civil Registrar where the child’s birth was registered. The Guatemalan birth mother needs to provide final approval for the adoption at the time of the adoption deed. Upon registration of the adoption deed with the Civil Registrar, the adoptive parents in the U.S. are legally responsible for their child(ren). Finally, the Guatemalan attorney requests a birth certificate listing the adoptive parents as the parents of the adopted child. Following issuance of the new birth certificate, the attorney then requests and receives, normally on the same day, the child’s Guatemalan passport. With these final documents, the attorney submits the complete case file, including the I-600 orphan visa petition, to DHS/USCIS in Guatemala.

Slow and steady wins this race.


mesa said...

Keeping you guys in my prayers! xo
p.s. you need to update your Pre-Approval date!!

Jaime said...

You are in my thoughts Maria! I was soooo happy to log on today and see your PA news!

Anne said...

No Whammies!! :)

Anne (Natalie's mama)

Anonymous said...

Please let me know when you guys are available, my wife and I have some baby products we'd like to drop off (we talked at church about making a basket for you all.) Martin (

Jill said...

One step at a time :)

You guys are so patient, I admire your strength in proceeding through this process,