Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sadness hits suddenly

I miss my son so much today. I miss him everyday, but some days the sorrow is so much deeper. I just want him here - where he belongs with his forever mommy and daddy. Some days the emptiness is so deep that I can't breathe. That's how I feel right now. I miss his little hands, his tiny fingers, his toes and his smile. I know one day I will forget all this pain, but right now it is here and I'm sad.

Will someone hold my hand and help me through this?


Anonymous said...

♥Hi Maria, Big hugs to you!!!!♥ I wish that Gabriel was home with you too. And until he is, I will hold your hand... xoxoxox -Jaime

mesa said...

I'll be here for you. I think we feel similar.♥
all my love, and huge hugs,

Mommy2B said...

You know I am here!!!