Monday, August 13, 2007

Week #11

UPDATE: Two families from our agency received Pre-approval (PA) today! That's 9 more to go before they reach our week of June 4th.

Ok, so today begins week #11 since Gabriel had his DNA done. The wait for Pre-approval from the American Embassy is running about 11-12 weeks. We learned yesterday that there are 11 other families that had their babies' DNA done the week before ours that are still waiting for PA. So hopefully they will receive word soon. Then we should hear something shortly after that. This wait is endless. This is what we need to be able to enter PGN. But without it, all we do is wait some more.

11 weeks since DNA was done on June 4th also equivalent to 71 calendar days, 55 calendar days since DNA was notarized on June 20th or 41 working days since DNA was notarized. Confused much?

I will continue to pray that we receive PA really soon. Oh and we also found out that in the entire American Embassy in Guatemala, there is only one person that issues PA. Makes a lot of sense.


mesa said...

I hope you hear the news really really soon!! you guys have been so patient!! (((huge hugs)))

pattyo said...

Oh, I'm so impatient for you!

And re: your other blog - I will always hold your hand through this. xoxoo

Michelle Smiles said...

I honestly can't believe how long PA is taking these days! How frustrating!