Monday, October 8, 2007

What ELSE can you do?

What else can you do? In addition to your primary calls to U.S. Congress and UNICEF, you can contact the following:

SOSEP (Guatemala)
Director Teresa Echeverría de Bastarrechea
Office Phone - 011-502-2383-8400·
Assistant Director - Edin Palma - Same office phone
Office Phone - 011-502-2383-8400
Jaime Tecu
Office Phone - 011-502-2239-0000 ext 2766
Please note that calls and faxes to Guatemala are international calls

Guatemala Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Minister Gerth Rosenthal
Office Phone 011-502-2410-0000, 2410-0010
Vice Minister - Marta Altoaguirre
Office Phone 011-502-2410-0020

PGN (Guatemala)
Carlos Victor Hugo Barrios Barahona
Office Phone 011-502-2248-3200 Ext. 207/208

Procuraduria of Human Rights
Dr. Sergio Morales
Office Phone 011-502-2424-1717

Embassy of Guatemala in the U.S.
2220 R Street N.W.Washington, DC 20008
Office Phone 1-202-745-4952
Office Fax 1-202-745-1908

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