Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear Lord

I pray everyday and ask that you guide us through this difficult time right now as we wait for our file to exit PGN. I ask that you bless the reviewers in PGN and Sr. Barrios as he looks over everyone's files. I cannot imagine they have an easy job. We are frightened with the upcoming 12/31/07 deadline looming in the not so far distance, but we put all our faith in you and know that in your time, our file will be approved and little Gabriel will be coming home to his forever family.

I pray that everyone who reads distorted stories regarding adoptions in Guatemala realize that what they are reporting is not the truth. We are not bringing Gabriel home to do him harm; we did not steal him from his birthmother, we are not going to harvest his organs - we are going to give him a loving home; watch and guide him as he grows into a strong, Christian man. That is all we want for our son. He will learn one day that his birth mother made the ultimate sacrifice and I pray for her peace everyday.

I lift all those on the adoption journey in Guatemala up in prayer. If this journey wasn't for the weak of heart before, it is definitely much less right now. We lean on you Lord, for your guidance, peace and mercy. We acknowledge that everything good comes from you Lord and that you are watching over us - every step of the way.

In Jesus' name, I raise these prayers up to you, Oh Lord.


mesa said...

I will continue my prayers for you and keep spreading the word for prayers to bring Gabriel home ♥

Maddie's Mom said...

I'm still praying that you all get out of PGN soon and bring G home where he belongs. You all are always in my prayers.