Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Weekend Call to Action!

1. Phone Call. Since UNICEF has been protecting Director Veneman and not transferring calls to her or to her voicemail from the switchboard, then here may be a way to get through while they are closed.

Maybe this should be passed around the adoption community for the weekend while Unicef is closed?

The issue is that Unicef needs to clarify clearly is:- does UNICEF support the grandfathering of all cases in process as of the effective date of any new law in Guatemala (cases would be processed under the current adoption system)?; and- what do they mean by "due process" in their statement? Due process has a very different meaning than grandfathering.

To leave a message on the voice mail of the Executive Director (Veneman) you should:

1. dial the switchboard 212-326-7000
2. Listen to the recording, and choose 1 to use the "dial a name feature"
3. Type in 8363626# (which are the numbers for the letters Veneman)
4. You should hear a voice mail outgoing message for the office of the Executive Director.
5. Leave your message at the beep.

2. Fax. Ask the same questions, in your own words, by fax.

Unicef's fax number is 212 326 7758.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Dear Maria & Greg

I just called and left a message on the account of the ExDirector...and told her my name, phone number and that I was from her home town of Modesto. I mentioned the Grandfathering Clause, implored her to do what ever possible to bring Gabriel to Maria & Greg Voss. I also told her that I had even made a Central California blanket for the little man...I want to touch at her heartstrings...and I praying that my message can make a difference...

Come on Ann..get off the politics and do what's RIGHT...