Friday, February 27, 2009

Short Update

Well, when I last posted, I had recently been laid off and Gabriel's ears weren't doing so well. We actually received the news of his potential permanent hearing loss and my job loss all in the same week! Since then, I am employed and Gabriel's ears have improved drastically. We went in for his appointment on 2/12 and the doctor was very happy to report that his hearing had improved.

The job is going alright. With all new jobs, there is always a learning curve but not one that I won't catch on to. It's a bit far from my house (40 minute commute vs a 15 minute one I used to have), but with the economy, I am not complaining. A job is a job and it will help pay our bills and I am truly thankful to have a job.

We were both overjoyed with these news and indeed know that God is good -- all the time.

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mesa said...

so so glad to hear the good news about G's ears improving! that is wonderful!
good luck with the new job- God will always provide.