Friday, February 27, 2009

Adventure man!

It is no secret that Greg is a huge lover of the outdoors whether it involves hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, being one with nature, etc. I couldn't be more different. My idea of adventure is none. I do not like adventure at all. Not only do I like to be in complete control of my situations, I don't like anything that will in essence throw me a curve ball. The idea of being out in the middle of nowhere freaks me out whereas Greg seeks that and actually finds it fun! Relaxation for me is to go away to a bed and breakfast, have massages and facials done at a spa and then wine and cheese watching a sunset from the balcony of our hotel. Funny how two people so different came together, right?

Well, Gabriel, I think is going to be more like Greg. He craves adventure and loves to play rough with Greg and that is all part of having a boy. We have some friends that gave Gabriel a backpack with his own sleeping bag, canteen, compass, flashlight, etc so that he can be just like his daddy. Soon enough Gabriel will be caught up on all Man vs Wild and Survivorman episodes on Discovery of which his father has seen ALL of them. Recently Gabriel allowed us to put this backpack on him and he weighs enough where the pack doesn't bring him down! So here's a picture of our little adventurous Guatemalan. :-)

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mesa said...

aw, what a super cute picture!! :) love it! I can TOTALLY see little G going camping with Greg pretty soon here! :)