Friday, February 27, 2009

A Friend

Well, I have a friend who recently adopted her first daughter and baby Charlotte is absolutely a precious gift to them and all around her. She and her husband know what it is like to be at their lowest low like Greg and I, and all those who have walked before us who have suffered loss after loss, only to walk away victorious. Greg once described my miscarriages as tasting the dirt beneath your feet as you plead to God wondering why us, again. That image has never left me.

Aside from our own adoption and two other friends (adoption and pregnancy), I have never prayed for another person like I prayed for my friend. I watched her go through hell to become a mother and two weeks ago after so many years of trying, it finally happened for them. They finally arrived at home last night and I am beyond elated for them to all be under one roof where they belong. It's funny how not only becoming a mother, but adopting a child can bring you so close to other adoptive mothers. Some of my closest friends are adoptive moms -- we share a bond that not every one has. This particular friend of mine, I have never met face to face but I would do anything for her.

I was once told that I was fortunate to be adopted because my birthmother loved me enough to want a better life for me and gave me up for adoption (or created an adoption plan as that is the PC way to phrase it nowadays) and my adoptive mom (which to me is my only mom) desired a child so much she (and my father) saved up for 14 years to adopt me. It was then that I realized how fortunate I was to have been adopted and one day I will share all my history and Gabriel's with him -- who better to share that with him than his own mother who experienced it all before him.

What is even more special to me is that my mom and I share that bond, not only as mother and daughter, but as two adoptive mothers. Funny how that turned out. Once again, God having His hand in things way before you ever knew how your life would turn out.


mesa said...

Adoption is such a blessing and you are such a blessing for being such an incredible friend Maria. We are so excited for Holly and her family as well- I remember feeling that utter excitement for you as well as you brought Gabriel home. I also agree- nothing can compare to the bond of what it feels like to be an adoptive mother. I'm grateful to have you and Holly to share that bond with. love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

You both made me very, very teary. I appreciate all of the good thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way recently. It is amazing how this has brought us all together!

Paige and John said...

Such a beautiful expression, Maria. ((hug))

Kim (Mondo) said...

Ok this blog is making me cry. I love you and Gabriel!!!