Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Referral Day

I can say without a doubt that this was one of the *HAPPIEST* days of my life - EVER. I put it up there with my wedding, graduating from college, etc. It was a biggie!

Wednesday, May 9th began like any other day. We were waiting to hear if my Colombian birth certificate was going to be accepted by Guatemala or not. Evidently the person who signed the document wasn't the same person that had their name typed under the line, so....we were basically looking at another 2 months of waiting to get a new birth certificate when my office phone rang at 4:30pm. Normally, I'm packing up my stuff to go by 4:29pm, but Wednesdays we normally go to church for dinner at 5pm, so I was waiting around. We were in the process of hiring a new admin at work so when the phone rang, I honestly thought it was one of the candidates calling me back to schedule an interview. Instead it was my case manager, T, who said it's T calling and I swear it took me like three seconds for it to click as to who was even calling.

She said she had good news! When she told me my birth certificate had been accepted, I started to cry. I couldn't believe it! Our prayers had worked! I was so overjoyed!!!! My case manager then said, wow, if you are THAT happy about this, wait until I tell you about HIM! At that point, I started screaming "we're having a boy??????" She went on to tell me ALL about him, etc and that she would be sending pictures of him. But that "he was as cute as all get out".

At this point, I ran to my boss' office and told him I would be right back. I grabbed my cell and keys and raced to Greg's office. His staff tried to make small talk with me and I basically blew them off as I ran down the hallway and exclaimed to him "we are having a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I then proceeded to cry like a little baby!! Typical Maria fashion! I checked my email from Greg's office and there were his pictures. We were IN LOVE immediately! We then called our parents and went to church for dinner. The rest of the day we were in a major daze as you can well imagine.


mesa said...

this definately deserved a blog post of it's own...i have tears in my eyes reading the joy that was in your heart and still is when you reflect back on that day. I know you will never forget that day as long as you live, as well as many days here in the future. I am so very happy for you guys! <3

Anonymous said...

Maria, that is beautiful - I got tears in my eyes reading that - I'm so happy for you and your family. Nicole (WW)