Saturday, June 23, 2007

Gabriel's June Social Visit

We received pictures last night from Gabriel's June social visit. This is where all the foster moms get together in one location with the baby they are caring for and the FM manager of our agency takes pictures of all the babies. We normally receive these pictures around the 22nd/23rd of each month. In that last picture, I can't help but notice that he does look like me in a way. As a child and even to this day, I do this squinting thing with my eyes that Gabriel is doing in this picture. My mom used to say that if I kept doing that, I would get wrinkles. My hair also stood up straight like that. I will find a baby picture of me and scan it.
Isn't he adorable??


mesa said...

He is adorable just precious. I cannot wait to meet him.. I love watching him grow by his pictures! He's so handsome!

Anonymous said...

Gah, I love him! And his little outfit, too :) He looks so happy and alert!

JustJess said...

He is so freaking precious!! I love his hair. I can't wait until you have him home in your arms.