Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Adoption is very near and dear to my heart. Some of you reading this blog may not know this but I was adopted from Colombia almost 30 years ago. After suffering three miscarriages, I knew in my heart that I wanted to become a mom via adoption and there was no other way to go about doing so than Internationally. After much research we decided to sign with For This Child ( and we cannot be happier with them. They are absolutely amazing and we could not have asked for a better agency. This journey is very long, but well worth the days of being sad, scared, excited, happy, scared again, etc. We knew when we signed our contract that this was not going to be an easy ride, but we wanted to be parents and it didn't matter how long or how hard of a road we would have to endure. The paperchasing was a nightmare that I honestly thought would never end, but one day in February 2007, it actually did. The 12th to be precise. By March 7th, we had our I-171H and then we fast forward to May 9th at 4:30pm when my case manager, T, called to tell me that we had been referred a baby boy!!! I will post more about that day later. It's worthy of its own post.

This journey for me is a little different than for most because I am basically watching my life come full circle. I am witnessing Gabriel's birth mother put her son up for adoption in hopes that he will have a better life. Almost thirty years ago, my birth mother did the same for me. Some days when I think about it, it is too much for me to handle. I personally cannot imagine loving a child, a baby, so much that I can give them up for someone else to raise and love. The pain has to be one like no other, but the fact that she loves him so much to do this for him, speaks volumes to me about her love for him. She will *always* have a special place in my heart and one day when little G is big, I will tell him all about her and her ultimate sacrifice.

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