Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My First Post

For the past 18 plus months, Maria has been posting on this blog. Well, as we close in on Christmas, I am taking my turn. Over the past five and a half years I have been married to the most wonderful woman on the planet and I am grateful for her everyday, although often times I don't show it as I should. She is truly a blessing and a gift from a loving God. She is a fantastic wife and an amazing mother to our handsome little boy, Gabriel.

There are so many examples of her love and kindness that those who are privileged to know her have come to understand. So, as we look back on the past year, and forward to another, I am thankful for several things....I am thankful for the faith that saves me, I am thankful for the pain, the struggle, and the blessings this life brings, and I am thankful for Maria and Gabriel, the two most precious people in my life.


Kelly said...

A beautiful tribute to a lovely woman. Merry Christmas to you all!

Leslie said...

What a nice tribute to your wife!

Merry Christmas,leslie

mesa said...

and what a great first post it was Greg! You do have a wonderful wife and son and I know they feel the same way about you. You guys are an amazing family!