Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to Ft. Lauderdale...

Today we celebrate one year since Gabriel arrived in the United States! What an amazing feeling it was to touch down on American soil and know that he had become a US citizen and that no one could take our son away from us. The adoption journey had truly ended and that was where we began a whole new phase. I cannot believe that a year has gone by and in a couple weeks we will be sharing our second Christmas at home with our son.

God indeed is very, very good. There were so many reasons why we shouldn't have gotten out of PGN in seven weeks and five days, but by the grace of God, we got out unscathed. We are living proof that God laid his hands on Greg and I (and Gabriel) during our journey -- we have no doubt.

Overlooking Ft Lauderdale, FL
Touching down at Ft Lauderdale's International Airport!

At my parent's house in Miami right before we left for the long drive back to Jacksonville.

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Leslie said...

awww what special memories!!!!