Friday, September 5, 2008

A Sad Day

Well yesterday we had to do something very sad -- say goodbye to our dog and sweet companion, Zeke. Greg and I had to find Zeke a new home because ever since we brought Gabriel home he hasn't really adjusted. We miss him terribly and pray that he begins to love his new forever home. Here are some pictures from the moments right before Greg loaded him up in the car for the long ride to Charleston.


mesa said...

those pictures make me teary-eyed Maria. I know how much your pets are a part of your family and I know you guys miss him terribly. I'm so glad that he will be happy with his new family. BIG HUGS

Amy said...

(((MARIA))) I know how hard it had to be to send him to his new home, but he's such a lucky pup to have someone like you guys that love him so much.

Paige and John said...

Maria - you did the right thing! He looks like he is so happy in his new home. I love you. ((hugs))