Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy 6 - Month - a - Birthday!!

Our little guy turns 6 months old today!!! We miss him terribly, but know that we will be on our pick up trip very, very soon!


mesa said...

yay! Happy 6 months Gabriel!! Here's hoping you will be spending your 7 month-a-birthday with your momma and daddy!

Mommy2B said...

Happy birthday Gabriel!
I hope you celebrate your 7 month birthday at home with mommy and daddy.
Kylie's mom

Elizabeth said...

Gabriel,Happy 6 month birthday! I hope you and Isabella are home to celebrate your 7 month birthdays!!

Jaime said...

Happy 6-month birthday Gabriel. Look at all that hair! ♥

Jaime again said...

Maria, I just have to let you know - I love the music on your blog and I often have it playing in the background while I am working on the computer at night. Every time Coming To America comes on I think of little Gabriel. It makes me so happy/teary because I know he will be home with you SO SOON. :)

Beth's Blog said...

Happy birthday Gabriel!!!!!!!!!

Hoping PINK is soon for all of us waiting!!!!!