Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good News x Two!

Today we found out that Gabriel's birth certificate has been issued with our last name! Funny enough they added my maiden name as his 2nd last name, but that is very traditional in the Latin culture. Now we can add him to our health insurance policy.

On another good note, I was checking my credit card statement online and noticed that we were charged for his 2nd DNA test today!! So hopefully his DNA will be taken soon and the results can be sent to the US Embassy in Guatemala quickly so that they can issue pink!!!

Steps left:

* The new birth certificate and the entire adoption file of documents are sent for translation from Spanish to English.
*After translation, the final file is submitted to the Embassy for pink slip and the lawyer is given a second DNA authorization slip (US office processes payment with US Lab and faxes confirmations to Guatemala lab).
*The child is brought into the Guatemala lab for a second DNA test. The Guatemala lab sends samples that same day to the US lab.
*When the Embassy receives the results from the lab in the U.S. indicating a match with the first DNA test, it issues the pink slip (probably within 14 days of the second test).
* Pink slip is picked up at 3:30pm - embassy appointment day and time will be printed on the slip. FTC sends Pink Slip to you by email and you book your flights.

*After receiving pink slip and before Embassy Day, Guatemala office will prepare the package for Embassy Doctor visit and make the appointment based on availability of the Embassy Doctor.
*You come for Embassy interview appointment (M, T, W, or Fri, currently one to two weeks after pink)
*Next business day – Visa is ready (3:00 pm M-Th; 11:00 am Fri. – FTC will pick this up for you)
*Next Day – you can fly home


mesa said...

yay yay yay yay! so so excited for you Maria! xo

TNKerry said...

My little girl has my name as her second last name on her birth certificate, too. I love it!!!
Congratulations. You will be bringing Gabriel home in no time!!!!

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Beth's Blog said...

Wow Great news!!!

Can't wait to see the pics of hi DNA!!!

Hoping my card is charged soon!!!!!

Jaime said...

Hi Maria, I am crying reading this because I am so happy. Not too many steps left!!!!!!!!! ♥