Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He might have swallowed what??

Yes, we feared Monday night that Gabriel *might* have swallowed the antenna to Greg's cell phone. So we called the doctor and off we went to the ER. Scary, scary place. Thankfully, five hours and one x-ray later, it was determined he had not swallowed the antenna. So we are thinking maybe one of the dogs did. Here are two pics I took with my cell phone while at the ER - one is in the waiting room and the other is Gabriel just hamming it up on the stretcher. That child doesn't look like he swallowed a cell phone antenna, heh?


Katie said...

Oh no !! What a cutie !!

McMurrays said...

Oh MY!!!! How scary! So glad it all turned out okay.
Darcy McMurray

mesa said...

Maria- that is hilarious!! I love that you took pictures and he looks so excited to be there! LOL I'm so glad he didn't swallow the antenna though!

Amy! said...

I love the pic of him on the stretcher LOL. I'm happy he didn't swallow it!!!!


Patty said...

Did you check the fruit bowl yet? ;) LOL!

I have SO been there, mama. You are amazing! xoxoxo