Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gabriel went to the doctor - September visit

Gabriel went to the doctor today and here is the report we received. As you can imagine, seeing his pictures make it very bittersweet for us. It is extremely difficult to watch your son grow in pictures. But we hold on to the notion that he will be home with us forever - very soon.



I do hope you are doing fine. This morning I had the opportunity to evaluate little Gabriel. He has now reached 4 months of age and has been doing well in the time since he was seen for the last time here in my office. He continues to be a very bright little boy who shows interest in all that goes on around him will turn to sound and to the different tones of voices he hears. He is also quite vocal himself and plays with the sounds he can produce, varying the tone and producing short bouts of laugh and vocalizes high feeling of pleasure.

He now shows better control of his neck muscles and will keep the head pretty straight in the midline when pulled to the sitting position. Also when on his stomach he is able to lift the head clear from the bed. Will attempt to reach out and grab whatever is nearby to put into his mouth. I am told that he takes well his formula and is also receiving his ordered vitamin supplement. Upon evaluation today I found this little one in good health with no obvious physical or neurological abnormalities, his weight is 12 lbs5 oz, length of 59.1 cms and head circumference of 39.2 cms. Please find some pictures attached.

Best Regards
Dr. M.

Here is the link to his pictures:



Mommy2B said...

He is so cute!!
My mom was talking about his latest pics tonight and talking about how cute he is...
I know what you mean about watching them grow up in pictures it is soooo hard!!!
He will be home soon with his two buddies Kylie and Carlo...

Anonymous said...

I am such a dork, but the doctor's comments made me so teary! Of course G is brilliant, we already knew that!

Anonymous said...

Maria...glad to read he's growing healthy and strong...he'll be in your arms real soon...
Hugs, Kathy in Cali!

mesa said...

what a FABULOUS report!!! I am so thrilled for you guys! I love his pictures!!! He isn't camera-shy either!! You know I love that! I know this brought such a smile to your face and your heart! ♥

Jessica said...

Awww so sweet. The doctor's note gave me the chills. It is so great to hear how wonderful he is doing. I love the pictures. He is a doll!

Jaime said...

What a handsome boy he is!!! What a nice note from the dr. :)

Cynthia said...

Hi Maria!
He is such a beautiful baby. I love his little cheeks and that heart-shaped little face! I know he will be joining you very soon. My mom always asks me what's going on, by the way. Know that you guys are always in our prayers.
Mil besos, Cynthia